Township unlimited resources

Build Towns in Township Game Using the Best Township Hack

If you have a great attraction towards city building game, then you should start playing Township game. Initially, this game was made available as an application on Facebook. Now, this game has a great follower base. The reason is that there are several elements in this game that make it more realistic as compared to other games.

No battles to fight:

To play this game, you will not have to fight any battles and more importantly, you do not have any abysmal person to defeat. When it comes to the freemium version of this game, all you should do is to begin constructing your own town, should harvest crops and plants and of course, you should sell them. You can continue your adventure in the next city in a similar fashion. This means that you can literally play this game for weeks and days without any boredom. You can interact with fellow players through Facebook. You can put your ideas to beautify the town and factories. Of course, you can explore many other available features in this game.

You need resources:

When you choose to play the freemium version of this game, you will get just minimum resources. So, once they deplete, you will have to spend real money on this game to buy the required resources. This is the option that most players hate as they do not want to spend real money. In such a case, Township cheats will help you get the resources for free.

Simple to use:

It will be easy to use Township Hack when you go for a good hacking tool. This is the simple and effective method that does not involve any complications. The method of resource generation will differ on the basis of the type of hack that you go for. For instance, if you go for a tool that is web-based, you will have to just provide your username and the number of currencies you need. Then, you will have to click on the generate button to get the resources credited to your game account. You will also come across Township Hack Android, where you will have to download the hacking application to your smartphone to generate the required resources. Here also, the generation is a simple process once you download the hacking app to your smartphone.

Stay risk-free:

When you go for a hack tool, it is highly important that your game account should not be suspended just for using a cheat tool. So, check whether the cheat creators assure anti-ban feature. The game creators should not in any way know that you have used a cheat tool to generate coins and cash. If they get to know the same your account will be suspended and you cannot play the game anymore.

When you look for such a tool, it is better to read reviews, so that you can get to know what other users will have to say about the tool. If they have started that they were able to really generate coins and cash without getting caught, you can go for the tool.

SimCity Buildit : Free stuff

SimCity BuildIt has been downloaded more than 3.6 million times and we should mention that most of those players still play the game. In just a few words, we can explain the game as an advanced city management simulation. But, there are plenty of other facts you should be aware of.

5 different currencies

The first thing which makes the game stand out from the crowd are currencies. While most games of this kind have 2-3, SimCity BuildIt has 5 of them. You will be able to generate and use simoleons, which are coins in general. They are obtained by trading, providing residence homes and can be bought with the second currency. SimCash is a bit different. It can be obtained by completing achievements in the game or using the real money to buy it. Golden keys are yours only when you complete a specific challenge. Platinum Keys are generated from Major’s prizes. Neo Simoleons are generated by homes in the game (omega homes) and you can earn 200 per day.

Game offers real-world city zones

The main goal is to develop a city and begin trading and cooperating with other cities. In order to do that, you will need different zones in a city. There are 5 of them, including OMEGA, Tokyo, Parisian, Residential, and London zones. Furthermore, they are, classified according to the wealth statuses. We have a standard, premium, and luxury homes. Obviously, luxurious are the most expensive to build, but they generate the highest income. When we come to the buildings, there are commercial, residential, services, government and default buildings.

Six disasters

Once you reach higher levels, you care free to summon a disaster. There are 6 of them, available in the game and they are Aliens, Robots, Earthquakes, Meteor Strike, Tornado, and Lighting storm. Each one can be activated only from the Vu Tower. You can also choose the location, but the disaster will occur within a specific radius. Once summoned, all buildings and roads will be destroyed in the targeted area.

Care for your citizens

Because you are a major of a city, you will have to make your citizens happy. Here we have a variety of features, possibilities and mandatory actions, all in order to make your population satisfy. For example, you must invest in power plants to provide electricity; into police departments to protect the people and eliminate the pollution. Of course, this is just a small amount of possibilities you have at your disposal. The unhappy population will have consequences on your currencies!


  • Ability to develop a city as you like
  • Disasters are interesting to perform
  • Different zones and wealth statuses
  • Trading with other players


  • Complicated gameplay
  • Requires strong configuration